Monday, August 10, 2015

AMAZON is providing FREE delivery on books. (NO MINIMUM OF 500 PURCHASE REQUIRED)

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AMAZON.IN is currently offering its users zero shipping cost on books delivery only.

Also Amazon is providing huge discounts upto 60% on books.
So don't let this deal go away and create an account right now.


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Thursday, July 9, 2015


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Flipkart App Share

Steps to avail Flipkart App Share Offer :

  1. Download FLIPKART APP
  2. Sign up on Flipkart.
  3. Go to Invite & Earn
  4. Enter refer code " 086tuu ".(Using this code you will get first Rs. 50)
  5. Now add any item in cart and buy it using cash on delivery.
  6. Now after 30 sec cancel that order.
  7. You will get Rs. 50.
  8. Invite your Friend
  9. You will get Rs.50 Gift Voucher
  10. You can use this Gift Voucher on your Purchase.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Angry Birds :All versions free to download

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Angry Birds :
v1.2.1 Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax (6.70 MB) (Release date: 10-Dec-2009)
v1.4.2 Danger Above (4.92 MB) (Apr-2010)
v1.4.3 The Big Setup (4.93 MB) (Jun-2010)
v1.5.3 Ham 'Em High (6.18 MB) (Dec-2010)
v1.6.0 Mine And Dine (6.37 MB) (Jun-2011)
v1.6.3 Mine And Dine update (5.80 MB) (Aug-2011)

v2.0.2 Birdday Party (11.83 MB) (Dec-2011)

Angry Birds Seasons 

v1.0.1 Trick Or Treat (Halloween), Season's Greedings (Christmas) (8.20 MB) (Release date: 21-Oct-2010)
v1.2.0 Hogs And Kisses (Valentine's Day) (3.13 MB) (Feb-2011)
v1.3.0 Go Green, Get Lucky (St. Patrick's Day) (10.79 MB) (Mar-2011)
v1.4.0 Easter Eggs (Easter) (4.92 MB) (Apr-2011)
v1.5.0 Summer Pignic (12.92 MB) (Jun-2011)
v1.6.0 Mooncake Festival (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival) (7.94 MB) (Sep-2011)

v2.0.0 Ham'O'Ween (Halloween) (9.54 MB) (Oct-2011)
v2.1.0 Wreck The Halls (Christmas) (10.06 MB) (Dec-2011)
v2.2.0 Year Of The Dragon (Chinese New Year) (Jan-2012)
v2.3.0 Cherry Blossom (17.79 MB) (Mar-2012) including v2.2.0 

Angry Birds Rio
v1.0.0 Smugglers' Den, Jungle Escape (10.4 MB) (Release date: 22-Mar-2011)
v1.1.0 Beach Volley (4.74 MB) (May-2011)
v1.2.0 Carnival Upheaval (5.52 MB) (Jun-2011)
v1.3.0 Airfield Chase (7.90 MB) (Aug-2011)
v1.3.2 Airfield Chase update (8.72 MB) (Sep-2011) including "Golden Beachball" (which is unlocked by finding a hidden item in "Beach Volley", Episode 4-13)
v1.4.0 Smugglers Plane (9.78 MB) (Nov-2011)
v1.4.2 Smugglers Plane update (9.58 MB) (Jan-2012) 



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The official Ice Age: Continental Drift mobile game is here!

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The official Ice Age: Continental Drift mobile game is here!
Scrat's nutty pursuit of the accursed acorn, which he's been after since the dawn of time, has world-changing consequences - a continental cataclysm that triggers the greatest adventure of all.
Join Scrat, Manny, Diego and Sid on a wild journey through 13 levels spread across 5 icy environments.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Wndows Phone 8: Complete Review

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All you need to know about Windows Phone 8

So, what is Windows Phone 8 all about? Is it a worthy increment over the previous iterations by Microsoft? This and more has been delved into below, so read on. 
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How To Send Friend Request On Facebook When you are Blocked

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You might have gone through this stage in your facebook account maybe atleast once, i.e.  your friendship request being blocked for 1 day,3days or even 1month,i have also gone through this stage & it feels like helpless,that we want to send the friend request to our most dear ones but we can’t because of this friend request block.

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Unique Facebook Tricks

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Show Only Online Friends In Facebook Chat

    New Facebook chat window shows the both online and offline friends in single window and you have to scroll down to see all online friends or search for the specific friend from the search area. If you are irritated with this chat box and wants to remove it to show only online friends then install Facebook Chat Fix Google chrome extension in chrome browser. Along with removing all offline friends from the list, It will also remove the Live News Ticker box from your Facebook. This works only on Google chrome.
    It is a simple extension which will revert your new Facebook chat box back to old chat box. It is Google chrome extension so you don’t have to like any page and install any application before using this extension and you don’t have to grant permissions from your data to install this extension.

    How To Show Only Online Friends In Facebook Chat
    Click Here to Download the Extension.
    The Above method will only work in windows operating system.
    In Mac and Linux you have to Drag and drop this link “Fix Chat” to your bookmark bar.
    Note:This is a browser trick so changes will be visible only in your browser.

Paypal App on Facebook Now Lets You Sending Money to a Friends:

    There's a good news for those Facebook's users who always using Paypal account, it's because now Paypal app is available on Facebook that allows you to sending money to your friends via Facebook.
    The Paypal Facebook app named Send Money, letting you to send money to a friends, and family with paypal, not only that but you also can customize the card greetings for your friends and family easily.
    As said by Paypal on their blog about this app launchs:
    "Facebook users can now send money to their friends and family whether it’s for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary or just because along with an e-card, photos, videos and a message. With just a few clicks and a PayPal account, it’s so easy!"
    So, why an app on Facebook? PayPal is going to where friends and family connect now. According to Facebook, about 50 percent of its 750 million users log onto the social media network daily and average about 130 friends. And, the Greeting Card Association estimates that Americans send 500 million e-cards annually.
    If you're curious and wondering about this Facebook App, you can go to visit the app.

Disable Facebook "Live Ticker" Sidebar and Hide it:

    Facebook is social network that oftenly adding new features. There may be several reasons why Facebook seems very agresive about to add that new features, it coud be the boredom factor, or it is a breakthrough made by Facebook in order to survive to be the one of the largest social networks so far. However, along with the change given by Facebook, it's equal with controversy, there are some people who likes the new features then some are not. Whatever it is, it's very reasonable thing every time changes occur around us, including Facebook Live Ticker
    As we all known, that a few moments ago Facebook added a few features so-called Live Tickersidebar. Which is the "live ticker" notify any user who shares, likes, comments to others, you even can give respose such as give comments on it. This "Live Ticker" for some people is very disturbing and wanted to delete or disable it. Well, for you who want to know how to remove/disable Facebook "live ticker", then you are on the right posts at this time.
    All we need to do just adding a plugin to the browser in which this can be done for anyone who usesChrome and Firefox browser.
    For Chrome Browser:
    If you are used to be using Chrome browser, then you just simply install an Extensions called Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker.
    For Firefox Browser:

    Step 1. Install the Grease monkey add-on from Mozilla Firefox browser (Just skip this step if you have already installed Greas Monkey)
    Step 2. After you have installed Grease monkey, now just simply install another firefox plugin calledFacebook SideBar Ticker Remover, then restart your Firefox browser.
    Once you have finished the steps above, you should not see the live ticker on sidebar, as you can see in the screenshot below:
    That's all..!!

Connect Facebook Mobile Phone without Internet:

    Note: This only works in India.
    Have you ever imagined to use your mobile phone enable to access Facebook when you haven't any browser on your mobile phone? or You might be you wanted to access Facebook, but there's no apps supports on your mobile phone when you are using an old phone (like Nokia 1100)?
    Anyway you don't have to worry when you can't find the internet browser on your mobile phone to access Facebook, it's because as long as you own any mobile phone, you can now enable to access your Facebook account.
    How does it works?
    To use your Facebook on every mobile phone without requiring any apps or even the Internet, it's very simple, all you have to do just just dialing from your mobile phone *325# or *fbk# and then just enter your username Facebook account and password to access it. Once you're in, then you will enable to interact with your friends, like update status, give a comments, add a new friends, and many more. As you can see in the image below;
    This services given by Facebook India which partnered with Fonetwish, while to use this service for unlimited usage, it only priced around 1.00 Indian Rupee per day, enjoy!

Disable Facebook Subscribe Button To Keep Your FB Account Private:

    As You know that now Facebook has activated the subscribe button, which the subscribe button allowing anyone or Public to know what's going on with You, or everything You posted on Your wall, like status updates, photo upload, notes, etc. Once You activated this feature, someone out there, even someone You don't even know who has clicked the button to subsrcibe You, so that that person would known or kind of following You, everything You updated. In other word, Facebook Subscribe button is similar like "Follower" in Twitter.
    By activating the subscribe button, it means You're allowing Your account easily to accessibility from public, they'll receive notifications from You even though they're not on Your friends list. If You are kind of person who likes to keep private, then I'm sure some of You won't this happened right? Or You might be think, there's someone who stalking You wherever You go without You knowing them.
    If You're not happy with the subscribe button that You have been activated, and You want to keep Your account private from public accessibility, then now I think for You to take action to turn off/disable the Facebook Subscribe button. Unless if You are a Blogger, and You want to add Facebook subscribe button to blog to get more audiences. However, if You want to deactivated the subscribe button, just follow the simple instructions below:
  • Login to Your Facebook account.
  • Go to Your Profile page then You find the Subscribers and then click on it.
  • Now You click on Settings on top right corner to edit.
  • Turn Off the subscribe button by switching to Off , You can even edit another options, like"comments", and "Notifications", as You can see in the screenshot below, then You click Okay
    Now, You have turned off, and disabled the feature named Facebook Subscribe Button, which there's no one will able to subscribe You. Enjoy..!!

Block/Disable Facebook ads and all web pages for Chrome(Extention):

    These days Facebook still the most popular social network used by hundreds of millions of people in this world. As it is used by millions of people, so many companies / individuals who advertise their products on Facebook and you see the ads that appear on the right sidebar of your Facebook page profile. However maybe some of you hate the appearance the ads on Facebook, so you think todisable all ads?
    If you really want to disable, block, remove the advertisements of Facebook, Youtube, even all the web pages. Then with using the most popular with over 2 million users Chrome extension namedAdBlock you can now to block all over the web advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook andYoutube.
    All you need to do just click "Add to Chrome" and click install, then you wait a few seconds the installing process, and Bingo..!! you'll see the ads disappears from your facebook, Youtube, and all the wep pages.
    Now you'll see your Facebook page clean from any ads, sponsor, advertisements.

Facebook Chat Trick: Add Profile Photos to Chat Box:

    I'm sure many of Facebook users haven't known yet some of tricks they should know about to use Facebook, especially when they're chatting with friends. As You know that many of Facebook users spending much times chatting on Facebook, they're sending text each other on chat box. Then may be some of you want to send a photo profile instead of message text on Facebook chat box to Your friends. Yes, You enable to send the photo too via inbox message, but this time You'll know how to sending profile photo of any Facebook users including your friends on Facebook chat box.
    How to add Photo Profile to Facebook chat box:
  • Firstly, you should go to the user profile that You would like to add the photo, on address URL bar You see the profile URL ofthe user, like these:
    -, or
  • Now You copy the user ID number or the name ID of the user then paste it to chat box181685035214061 or username-id
  • Then now You Add "[[" and "]]" (without quotation) START and END on that user/number ID, like these: [[181685035214061]] or [[username-id]]
    Note: If you want to add more photos just simply repeat the same thing, or you can also add multiple users IDs for many photos of users at the same time before you hit ENTER to send it to your friend. I hope this make You fun, enjoy..!!

Backup Your Facebook Profile and Photo Albums:

    Do you have a memorial photos album in your Facebook account that you would like to delete, but they're worthy for you and you won't to lose them? Anyway, before you delete your photos album, I think it's time for you to download and backup your photos album and the whole pofile. Well, if you want to backup whole of your Facebook profile including the photos album, then you can now. There's trick to do that in a very simple way with using the Facebook2zip. Just to let you know thatFacebook2zip is a free service that lets you to backup your facebook profile and downloading all your photos into a single zip archive. Not only that but You can also download all of your friends' photos in the same way, and this services is for free.
    So, How does it works?
  • Click Login button to connect between Facebook2zip and your Facebook account, and then clickallow permission.
  • Now is Choosing your friends, Select your name if you want to download your photos or type the name of a friend to download his photos. Then click on next button.
  • Now Choose the album you wanna download. You can Select one or more album to download its photos (Hold CTRL to select multiple albums)
  • Then you click download to grap all the photos album. Then click on the button below to get the file.
    Once you've done, all your Facebook profile inlcuding the photos album will dowloaded to the file zip saved to your computer hard disk. Enjoy..!!

Delete Old Facebook Content From your Profile:

    Facebook Timeline enables people to search and access older content very easily. As in the old facebook profile it was hectic task to find out what has been posted about few months or a year ago but in Facebook timeline all your activities are arranged in chronological order and it allows your friends you check out all your Facebook content. So if you think you have posted something abusive then it is time to delete that content.
    How to Delete Old Facebook Content From your Profile:
    Application For Android To Delete Old Facebook Content:
    Exfoliate is an application for Android phones which can sweep content from Facebook which you have posted about one/two year ago. You can choose the content like status updates, photos, likes and many more that you want to remove from your timeline. You also remove all the posts that you had posted on your friends wall in past. If you are active user on facebook then it may take long time to clean all your activities.
    Click Here to Downlod Android Application
    JavaScript To Delete Old Facebook Content:
    Clean My Wall is JavaScript that run runs only in the Mozilla Firefox browser. To delete all your old Facebook content you have to follow following steps:
  • Now after removing Facebook timeline Bookmark Clean My Wall JavaScript and add it to yourFavourites.
  • Click on the favourite created in second step.
  • Now window will pop-up asking you from where you want to remove your posts. Select the number from the drop down list and click on GO button.
    That’s it! Be careful while deleting your old facebook content because once deleted it cannot be recovered back.

Add and Customize Facebook Timeline Apps:

    After the launch of Facebook Timeline, some special applications were introduced .These applications are specifically designed to promote “Frictionless Sharing” i.e it will automatically post updates once you grant them permissions. These applications are categorized under several groups like Entertainment, Food, Music, New etc.If you add a music app like iHeartRadio then it will automatically post an update about the song you are listening, so privacy is a major concern in these apps.
    After adding application in Timeline, you will continuously receive updates from that app. Privacy Settings for all these apps should be carefully customized.
    How to Add Applications in Facebook Timeline:
  • Go to Facebook Timeline applications, Click Here
  • Select desired application and click on Go To App button.
  • Now that particular Application will be added in your Timeline.
    How to Customize Facebook Timeline Applications:
  • During Installation of App, in Go To App window click on the Public button.
  • Select the appropriate group to which you want to show the updates.
    Note: You can also choose Custom to Hide your activities from specific people.

Facebook Fun Trick for a good laugh:

    If you're bored with the appearance common of Facebook, I think you have to try your Facebook account translated into un-common languages. Yes, I'm sure these 2 languages provided by Facebook itself will make you laugh, whih it'll make your Facebook account looks weird but full of fun, they are English (pirate) and English (Upside Down).
  • To turn your Facebook account into un-common languages are pretty simple, all you need to do just login to your Facebook account and then go to the footer in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and click on the English language link:
  • Now, you will see the pop-up windows which contains languages to translate, then you choose "English Pirate" or "English (Upside Down)":
    Once you've done, Go to your Page and see the magic..Enjoy..!!

Ways to increase the Number Of Your Fans On Your Facebook Page:

    Facebook fan pages are no longer an up and coming online marketing tool. It is now an online competitive necessity for both B2B and B2C businesses to have a presence on Facebook. Some of the benefits of using Facebook fan pages include driving traffic to your website, building your brand, getting feedback from your customers and showcasing promotions. Describing these benefits are a blog post for next time. This time, I will focus on how to get more fans on your Facebook fan page. Bottom line: the more fans you have, the further your reach and the more beneficial your fan page will be for your business. So, here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Promote your fan page in employee signatures
    This technique is particularly useful for the B2B businesses. When you add your Facebook badge to your employees’ signatures, it encourages your potential clients, current clients and other relevant audiences to join. This creates highly targeted fan base that is highly likely to pay attention to what you have to say. Every time you post on your page, your fans receive a note on their wall and a targeted fan base will want to hear what you have to say.
  • Promote your fan page on your website
    This should be done by all businesses. You can easily gain more fans by promoting your fan page on your website. Customers and potential customers come to your website and will be enticed to look at your fan page and join. They may only come to your site once, but when they join your fan page, the chances of them leaving are very low. This means that one visit to your website can turn into a fan that will consistently be listening to your message on Facebook and will likely be inclined to return to your website.
  • Offer unique content, promotions and company updates on your Facebook fan page
    A very important way to build a loyal following on your Facebook fan page is to deliver quality content that is exclusive to this page. This technique is very useful for big brands. If you advertise that you have perks and promotions only available on Facebook, consumers will want to join. Furthermore, current fans will spread the word of your fantastic Facebook perks. This strategy is great for building the brand but it’s also great for spreading the word that consumers must be part of this fan page, in turn, growing the following.
  • Post frequently
    While this may not seem like a strategy for gaining new fans, it definitely is. The reason for this is that every time you post messages, images, videos etc… on your page, it will feed to your fans wall. This gets attention and if your fans “like” the message, it then gets posted to their friends’ wall. This brings attention to your group and will entice new fans to join. Getting new fans is not the only benefit of posting frequently, but it is an important tool for getting more users.
  • Utilize your Facebook ambassadors
    Every business has ambassadors. If you are B2B, your ambassadors are your employees and loyal clients. If you are B2C, your ambassadors are the brand loyals; those who chose to purchase your products over others. These are the people who should be inviting their friends to your group and promoting your group on Facebook. Run a contest and encourage your fans to promote your group. Your ambassadors will always feel good about helping you grow the fan page.
    That being said, it’s important to remember that there are so many creative ways that you can grow your Facebook fan page. Have fun with it and be patient! The time you invest will be well worth it.

In fact, Facebook has 2 inboxes You might have not noticed:

    If you take a look even deeper at the "message" section on the Homepage of your Facebook account, I'm sure you probably will get a little surprised when you "double click" of your mouse on the"message" section, which you will discover that your have 2 inboxes there. Yes, the first one called the "primary" inbox, and the second is the 'others' inboxes.
    Back a few months ago when there was only one inbox there, I found all my inbox filled full with messages that come from groups that I have joined, or some companies were advertising to offering it to me about their products. It turns out there I also wonder, where are all the ads that usually come through my inbox and I kind of found it looks like they're "Gone", then I asked myself, "Did Facebook has removed them?", while I didn't do anything with them, I meant I didn't delete them at all from the list, until I "double clicked" the message section in the "home" of my Facebook account, in fact they are all hiding in the the second inboxes so-called "other". Honestly, at the first time I clicked, I was quite surprised because there are over +50 messages that I had not read before.
    It looks like Facebook does not send you a "notifications" on all incoming messages that come to you on the second inbox called "other", until you "double click" on the message section to view it. Then, it's because there's no notifications that send out to you, so I'm sure there are so many Facebook users out there who do not know the existence of the second inbox. Meanwhile, personally I am a little bit happy that Facebook not sending me a "notifications", it's because after I had seen the majority of the incoming messages has came from a "groups" or "advertisers", but there's also I found a little messages that has coming from my friends too.
    Well anyway, now I know that there are two inboxes there exist now. What about you?

What To Do When You're Uncomfortable, or Bored on Facebook?

    You've been on Facebook for a years, then You found Yourself seems uncomfortable anymore about to use it. Anyway, if You look at the title above, "What to do when You have uncomfortable with Facebook?, then there's could be a various answers behind that. You, Yourself have the specific reason why You're think and feel that way, Facebook is no longer comfort and save for You. The reason could be the privacy that You think it's such annoying You, or it could be You may think that Facebook is a place to waste your time and procrastination, etc.
    Facebook is still the king of social network until now, and We all know these a days everyone is on Facebook. All the poeple You may know are in Your friends list; Your family, old friends, Your teachers, Your students, school friends, colleagues, college friends, even the people have met You on the street, etc. You know that Facebook is social network that free 100% to use it, then now You have come with something very deep called the "privacy" that You think it's a BIG problem for You. Facebook won't charges you anything, and because it's free services You may think , Since they are in Your circle, it's like they're following You wherever You go. ,
    Everytime You post status updates, Facebook asks You "What's in Your Mind?", it seems that Facebook knows everything about You more than yourself. Facebook knows what's in Your mind, Facebook knows Your feeling, Facebook knows with whome You're in relationship with, Facebook knows everything about You. However, those all the consequences of social network, Your privacy it's like a stake. Because You use it for free.
    If You have the feelings that You're no longer comfort, or bored on Facebook, I think best for You to "take a rest". The simply way to do that is You just leave your account alone and don't touch it for a few days may be, a weeks, or months, then You come back again when You miss 'em. Then if You think that You will no longer use Facebook anymore, You can deactivated Your account, even to delete it permanently, or just to make you refresh, why don't You try the other social network, like Google+, Badoo, Twitter, etc.
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